MONDAY MOTIVATION! – Unhappy? – Be yourself!

It’s a crazy thing when we take a step back and see how many people are scared or nervous to step out of the “Norm”. What society thinks is normal, doesn’t matter. If you want to do something that will better you, do it. Nike didn’t get their slogan from making excuses. Go for your goals and don’t shy away from them because of “What others will think”

“Our Philosophy lecturer stood up at the end of our final educational year asked his students do they have one final question before they embark onto their next journey in life, over half the room questioned if their career choice was the right one.

His response was, what would you do if money was not an object. Over 50% of the room answered differently.

His response was whatever you would do if no one was watching and if money wasn’t an object, you should do that!”

Moral of the story is, if you want to do something and it makes you happy, you should do it..

These are the biggest comments we get when people get in touch, “Im really unfit” “will everyone be looking at me” “Are the others bigger than me”

Truth is, none of this matters. You are there for you an at the end of the day you’ve to look yourself in the mirror and be honest with your happiness in how far you’ve come physically and mentally.

Not the person next to you, not your partner or your family members, just you. Be proud and better yourself this week, do something out of your comfort zone and don’t live like the sheep, be happy.

Normal is boring anyways!

Paul & Dave