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Firstly, Thank you for visiting our site! After years and years of working in corporate gyms we eventually found Personal training to be something which should be affordable for the masses. So we created a group Personal Training programme which has changed lives, body’s & mentalities all over Yorkshire.

We have ensured it is as up close and personal as possible, our motto is, “Without getting a sleeping bag and moving in, we get as close to this as possible! “. Adopting this mindset, our clientele have had some of the best Results we have ever seen, in the shortest timescales possible, with the ability to stick at it long term.

Predominantly it has been a focus of fat loss, fitness & strength and overall personal confidence for our clients. We focus on four key fundamentals when it comes to a client, Training, Nutrition, Support & finally, Results!

Having said that, have a look at our page and see how we can help YOU become the best version of YOU possible. If you have any personal questions please drop us a message on the contact form and if not, we will see you on the other side!

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F2l Foundations
X2, 1 hour sessions at Our studio.
Weekly home workouts filmed fresh
Available for ANY level of fitness
Workable around injuries, backed by professionals
No weighing or measuring foods out
Flexibly allowing for social time / cheat days.
Vegan & vegetarian friendly foods
Educating you on Nutrition, properly
Recipe guides which keep food fun, Constantly updated monthly.
24/7 Support
Daily check ins.
All questions answered for thorough understanding.
Daily motivation & support personally from our team!
FLAB2LEAN- Paul, Dave, jess & Axel.
The Best results of your life*
Hitting goals
Setting new Goals to constantly keep your body guessing
Keep training fresh.
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